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Swagbucks: Super Stylist

InboxDollars: Super Stylist

I did the offer on InboxDollars, but it is also available on Swagbucks and FreeCash. Offer Terms: are to reach level 50 to earn $20. I didn’t realize it, but there were other versions of the offer on Offertoro that only required you to reach level 22 for the same reward. I ended up throwing in the towel on this one after reaching level 14. I needed to style 9 clients for each level, and the timers were at 4+ hours wait or $600 game cash to skip. I was looking at another 324 clients and I read on Reddit that the timers eventually hit 9 hours each and you could only do 3 at a time. So 27hrs to gain a level x 36 more levels = 972hrs / 24 = 40.5 days + my sanity out the window.

If you are not already a member of Swagbucks, MyPoints, or InboxDollars; I strongly suggest you sign up. These sites are a great source of extra income for spontaneous purchases.

Guide continues below…

Super Stylist is a fashion and modeling game geared towards teen girls. The game is fairly basic once you get past the tutorial. You have clients who show up in groups of 3 that you will need to “style” an outfit for. Some will have specific requirements such as: red shoes, glitter dress, elegant earrings, or chic pants.

fashion event

You choose clothing from your collection and can also choose makeup and hair style later. Each client gets you a pip on your level up bar. There is a timer after creating an outfit before the client picks it up and you get your pip. You can rush the order for Cash which gets earned with most in game actions.

you can pay to remove ads in between load screens

The game has a maddening volume of advertising present. In between every load screen you will be forced to watch an ad. There are also ads to boost your earnings and get extra chances at events. You can buy the above pictured pack to remove ads from the loading screens. You will still have to watch ads though if you want the boosts or replays.

find the perfect shoes

As you level up the timers get longer and so do the Cash requirements for rushing. Eventually the cost to rush far exceeds what you can realistically earn in game and you either need to spend real money or simply wait on the timer.

New outfits at each level: notice that 50 is not present?

Choose a Model for the Fashion Shoot

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