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Evony: TKR 5 Star Offer Guide

1/14/22: Multiple reports on Reddit suggest that the offer no longer credits early at 4-stars. If this is true then the time investment for the offer will increase a great deal. Be advised: This offer guide has been edited for completing the 4-star terms. Of course once you hit the 4th star you will be able to see exactly what is needed to get to the 5th, so the guide is still useful.

There are additional versions of the offer: 3 Gold Generals / 1 Gold Equipment / Occupy a Purple Fort. The reward amount varies depending on which version you attempt.

Hey folks. I previously did a post about why you should avoid doing the Swagbucks offer through Adgem for Evony: The Kings Return. After a little more research I found that the time allotment for the offer was actually 30 days and that got me to thinking it may be do able. The offer requires you to get a “General to 5 stars” (goes Pending at 4 stars) and this guide will focus on meeting that requirement with the utmost efficiency. I cannot tell you how many generic guides I found floating around on the internet rehashing really bad gameplay strategies. Another gripe I have is I couldn’t find any hard numbers as far as what it takes to complete actions and activities, especially related to Alliances.

Common General
  • General & Monarch: So first off we have the leveling requirements for the offer. General to 4 stars. You’ll want to do this using a Common (White) general as they cost less to upgrade compared to the higher tier generals. Next your general’s level cannot exceed your monarch (player) level so you are going to have to grind all the way up to level 18. We will only be using the Common general for the offer requirements but not actually using them to fight. Your best choices for monster hunting is Spartacus which you get for free on the 2nd day I think. Cleopatra you get from doing mini games and she is good as well for monsters. For gathering Gems I would suggest Constance, I got her randomly, maybe you’ll get lucky to. Constance gets a 20% bonus to however much resources she gathers after completion. So if I hit a 1000 Gem mine I get an extra 200 gems when she finishes.
  • Medals: The first star costs 20 Medals and 200k Gold. You get Medals from killing monsters mostly but you will have other opportunities. On the first day of play there is a “Shopping Spree” offer to purchase 70 Medals using Gems. This is a must for getting those stars and if you miss it you’re in for an extra long grind. You can also buy Medals in the Store for 100 Gems each but this is inefficient. At Marketplace level 11 you will have a chance to buy 20 Medals for 1300 Gems and this is worth the purchase. When fighting monsters you will generally get 1 Medal per fight but on monsters level 15+ you will sometimes get 2 Medals. Some Generals will also get 2x bonuses on drop rate. General Skill books can also add this drop rate chance to general abilities. The “Poem” world events will also provide some Medals.
  • Culture: Arabia is the best choice for the offer. There have been changes to the bonuses each culture gets for rebalancing and many guides and wikis are not up to date. Arabia gets a 5% bonus to “Offerings” which will increase your monarch EXP and 5% to Gem harvesting speed, also cavalry units are improved. When choosing Talents after leveling up your monarch make sure you take the Offering talent. You can only choose 1 talent on each tier and a reset costs 2000 gems so be careful.
  • Mini Games: The mini games really get pushed as being integral to the game in the advertising but they really aren’t. You should still do them, they’re easy for the most part and you will get Cleopatra and Sanada Yukimura generals for doing them. Cleopatra is the one with the 2x Drop rate bonus.
  • Buildings: You won’t really get much resources from the onsite resource buildings. I would suggest only making 1 each of the Sawmill/Quarry/Ore Mine. The game will spam you with endless resources so no worries. For farms go ahead an fill all the spots you can and put Army camps in the rest of the spots, maybe 4 camps. You’ll want enough food to manage your Unit upkeep. Otherwise only upgrade buildings as needed to get the Keep upgraded. Oh and the Rally Flag; you’ll want that to hit 12 at least for hunting monsters above level 16. The Shrine will be used for Offerings and you want that to hit maybe level 10 and make 6 offering per day. The Art Hall, Prison, Forge, Arsenal and Holy Palace are all unnecessary.
  • Units: Choose a single unit type such as Archer or Cavalry and only make those. Avoid siege units at all costs. You can heal your injured troops but you have to pay gems to repair siege machines and they can bankrupt you fast. You need all your gems to complete the offer. The way combat mechanics work in this game if you lose 10% of your units you automatically fail the attack. Combat goes in an order with each unit type taking turns fighting starting with cavalry units and damage is spread out equally among all units involved in the fight. You can limit wounded unit by only sending in a single type and only the highest tier of unit. This will cut down on your down time when grinding for medals.
  • Alliance: Everyone said you should join a big alliance and I found it to be the single worst bit of advice. It’s a complete waste of time. In other games I can see it makes sense as the speedups for construction and gift freebies can be amazing. I really found it made very little difference in reducing time on my buildings and I ended up rushing them with speedup items in the end. There is a lot to do when in an alliance and you may find yourself with a cadre of dictator types leading the lot. I saw more than once someone get booted from an alliance and then raided by the group right away soon after joining, just for not changing their default name right away.
  • Rally’s & Bosses: Rally’s just cost too much Stamina to be worth it at 15 pts each. 4 rally’s could be 10 monster attacks which means 10-20 Medals. The rally does have the potential to get extra Medals but it is hit and miss for the most part and you can very quickly spend all of your stamina. The math better favors grinding monsters solo. There are a few missions that expect you to kill bosses but you can still do those solo or possibly join an alliance to get them clear and then bail.
  • Star Ranking: The first star requires Monarch level 5 and 20 Medals/200k Gold, 2nd star is level 10 and 40 Medals/400k gold, 3rd star is level 14 and 160 Medals/800k gold, 4th star is level 18 and 400 Medal/1.6 million gold. So you can see it is a real grind and you have 30 days to manage this effort. The 70 Medals from the Shopping Spree will really take the edge off and buying Medals from the Black Market is good to. If you do Offerings you will get 10 Medals at the 3rd chest and 20 Medals at the 6th chest, the 12th chest gives 40 Medals but I never got that far, the 16th gives 80 Medals. You should buy Monarch EXP at the black market if it shows up in sets of 5k or 10k EXP and keep an eye out for other opportunities to get monarch EXP.
  • Purchases: The first purchase you make will set all of the 99 cent packages up to 4.99 so I would only suggest getting a 99 cent package. The base terms of the offer is only 12 bucks so spending more than a dollar would be a pain. You’ll start with a “Double Reward” item that will give you 2x which ever package you buy first. I bought the Gems pack that gives 3000 Gems so that doubled to 6000 and I spent some on 3 day peace shields and the rest on Stamina for grinding. I saved up free Gems to buy the Mulan refundable general and I send out Constance to gather gems 24/7.

So it is a slog; but do able. Don’t bother with the 7 day peace shield it is way over priced. You will keep your beginners shield up until Keep level 10 so don’t worry about getting attacked early on. The 3-day peace shield cost 2.5k gems and you can gather that much in 3 days so you could keep a perpetual shield up through out the offer period and be safe. No one ever attacked my troops out gathering but that may have been luck. There is no Search function in the game so expect a lot of scrolling to find stuff like monsters and Gem mines.

There are many wiki’s and fan sites for Evony: TKR but not a single one had a listing of the Star cost of generals. I think they have all been made by endgame types who can’t remember the rough times of their youth. You just get this one sided impression of the game. Certainly this guide is one sided; but it is supposed to be one sided. We’re here to make money, not win the game!

(Each level costs 100k more exp than the previous. I can now see why it took that one guy 5 years to hit 33. A 10k exp time costs 680 gems in the black market. Level 19 would have been 900k exp so 90*680=61,200 gems to reach 19 which would cost $300. Repeating that for 20-25 is just crazy.)

Published by Kasanje

I love to travel by boat, bus or plane. I garden and dabble in amateur photography, hunting for deals and special opportunities. I used to manage and maintain the Cryptocurrency FAQ at FatWallet Forums under the handle parkdanil. I am currently active on Reddit @FatwalletRefugee, I own Bliss in Bloom: Influencers, LLC ( Lastly, I study the Korean language in my spare time.

7 thoughts on “Evony: TKR 5 Star Offer Guide

  1. Im struggling to go from Monarch lv 16 to 18. Im tapped out of gems until i get the Mulan refund in a few days. I tried farming monsters for monarch exp but its 6 stamina per monster for 200 exp. Thats nothing. Im not sure how to get stronger to effectively fight 2k exp monsters. I already have all the medals i need and general exp books. I just need to level this monarch. Please any tips would be appreciated.


    1. Hey there. You’ll want to frequently check the Black Market building in town to see if they have any Monarch EXP items. They come in 5k and 10k point varieties. I would also suggest sending out a hero with a gathering bonus such as Constance to farm Gem mines. Near the end all I did was farm Gem Mines and buy Monarch EXP. If you switch your Culture to Arabian, you will get a 5% bonus to Monarch EXP from Offerings (Max out Offerings in skill tree.) If the Crazy Eggs Event is active you can Smash the “3 Hammers” Egg to get Monarch EXP items.


    1. Sorry for the late response. I’m afraid I only completed the Swagbucks offer for Evony. Dragons were not a requirement and so I am unfamiliar with that function.

      I would suggest possibly visiting the Evony Reddit sub to see if players can answer your question.


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