Swagbucks: West Game

West Game


I finally got this one to work. I had received an mailing on the Swagbucks website advertising this game at 6,000 SB. The link didn’t go through and it said the offer wasn’t available at the time. Later on I was having trouble with AdGem and thought I had been Banned. However, it is working now and I can access the AdGem offers again. So maybe it was just a technical issue on their end.

Unfortunately, the game is no longer being offered at 6,000 SB. I had seen it at 1,000 SB and later at 1,500 SB and was disappointed. Then last night it showed up as 3,500 SB which is worth it in my mind. Offer terms are to “complete” Town Center level 18 which usually means getting to level 19.

The town layout doesn’t really feel like any of the other games I have played so I couldn’t really call it a clone. Gameplay though is very standardized and follows the same set themes of the genre. A nice difference though is the resource buildings are automated and will accumulate resources without having to tap on them to collect every time. There are caps on resource storage space so you will need to keep an eye on the numbers if you are away for a time.

Clayton Jones

Starting out you don’t have a lot of resources and gathering resources is tedious. I would suggest only using Siege units for Gathering as they have the best Load capacity. You can only use 1 March until Town Center level 8. Use up all your energy fighting mobs and bosses and then send out your gathering units. Heroes can be imprisoned in this game, so never send your hero on the Gathering march.

Raising your VIP level is useful and there are two tiers of VIP ranks. The second tier unlocks after reaching VIP 10. I got to VIP 5 on the second day of gameplay and it has made a big difference in getting though the building upgrades. I have also crafted Equipment that supports Troop Load, Farm Production, and Coin Production. Crafting materials will mostly come from your Alliance gift boxes.

You probably don’t need to spend any money on this game other than maybe getting the 99 cent starter hero. Everything else in the store seems to be $5 or more. I expect this game offer to take about a week to finish.

I’ll be adding this game to the Game Girls gallery section Game Girls: West Game check it out.

If you are not already a member of Swagbucks, MyPoints, or InboxDollars; I strongly suggest you sign up. These sites are a great source of extra income for spontaneous purchases. Like that time I bought a $500 drone, that now collects dust in my closet.

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