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Swagbucks Bingo Bash

This is another Bingo style casino game offer, it is available on Swagbucks and InboxDollars. The reward for offer completion is 2000 SB. There was no time limit listed on the offer terms pop-up. Reach level 30 to earn the rewards.

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I spent 5 days working on this offer, although it can be done in 2 days. I was doing some other games concurrently so I was slow.

Offer Terms
Payout tiers

You will gain experience points for each tile that you tap on while playing bingo they call this “daubing.” As you progress to higher levels you will be invited to move to a higher tier table where you will earn more experience. However, the chip cost of the new tables will increase so I suggest staying at the low level tables until you have built up a nice stack of chips. Each bingo game has a theme and a mini-game that goes with it. I mostly played the Monopoly game.

Monopoly Bash

I think the Aztec board had the best return on experience points per chip cost. I was able to quickly level up on the Aztec game and complete the offer terms. I don’t recall running out of chips at any point. Things really sped up once I started on the Aztec board and I was getting Jackpots frequently. I think the lower level boards have a lower chance of procing a jackpot, but that may just be my skewed impression.

Leveling Up

If you are not already a member of Swagbucks, MyPoints, or InboxDollars; I strongly suggest you sign up. These sites are a great source of extra income for spontaneous purchases. Like that time I bought a $500 drone, that now collects dust in my closet.

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