Swagbucks: Conflict of Nations WWIII

I found this one in my mailbox at the Swagbucks website. The offer is simple you only need to make a purchase to get the reward. After finishing the short tutorial I went straight to the shop and checked out the packages offered. The cheapest one is priced $1.99. I used $1.50 in google play credit and the rest on my PayPal Business Debit, which I use for most Swagbucks offers/redemptions. This is offer is a $3 money maker.


Install the Android app or play on your desktop and complete your first in-app purchase to earn 500 SB.

The game sends you a handy in game mail which lists the transaction number. This should be helpful if you have any trouble getting credit from Swagbucks for completing the offer terms. The game itself wasn’t very visually appealing for me. I have played other war games and I much prefer real-time strategy types over this table top experience. The narration was good; except, you never hear the names of any of the places mentioned in the text. I don’t know why they omitted them when the voice acting is in clear American English.

Firstrade for OTC Markets

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