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Battle Warship: Naval Empire

Battle Warship is offered for 766 SB on the OfferToro wall. This offer can be completed in 7 days if you use your free speed up items. No money needs to be spent completing this game offer. Construction requirements are listed below.

The requirements call for base level 14. To reach this you will need to level up your buildings as follows.

  • Radar 12
  • Storehouse 13
  • Command Center 6
  • Aircraft Factory 10
  • Research Lab 11
  • Dock 10
  • Warship Depots 8
  • Energy, Oil 12
  • Uranium 13

Resources can easily be gathered from Power Plants and Oil Rigs. Uranium does not get used for buildings until level 20. Uranium will be used for Aircraft but you will get more than enough from all of the freebies and regular events.

Unlike other games there is no cap on the number of “marches” you can have out at one time. Your fleets are each led by an Aircraft Carrier and you can send out as many as you have available. You will get 5 Carriers as part of the tutorial and early mission rewards. A 6th Carrier can be purchased for 500 Gold from the Shop.


You can join an Alliance for the Help timers to speed things up or you can make your own Alliance and go solo. Either way you will have access to Alliance Missions and regular Event bonuses. There is a function in game to Expel players who are physically located with in the Domain of your Alliance (img6) which is useful as this allows more resources to spawn near your base.

Attacking the World BOSS requires a base level of 10. Once you are able to do so I would suggest taking part in the event. You can earn materials needed for upgrading your Aircraft Carriers. The offer actually credited at Base level 13 but you never really know with these offers how it may go down. Best of luck!

Published by Kasanje

I love to travel by boat, bus or plane. I garden and dabble in amateur photography, hunting for deals and special opportunities. I used to manage and maintain the Cryptocurrency FAQ at FatWallet Forums under the handle parkdanil. I am currently active on Reddit @FatwalletRefugee, I own Bliss in Bloom: Influencers, LLC ( Lastly, I study the Korean language in my spare time.

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