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Fire & Glory part 2

Well I gave up after hitting level 15. They add 5 new resources to the game at level 15 which meant the 2 farm accounts I had built would also need to be 15 to get the extra resources. Simply not enough time without spending money.

It is unfortunate because I recently got a message on Swagbucks for the same game but for 750 SB for reaching level 15. Disappointing.

In other news, I ordered a drone from DJI and FedEx ended up losing the package. So I am playing phone tag with DJI and FedEx trying to get everything sorted out. My $500 in limbo.

I am working on putting together a grand gallery list of all of the Consorts, maidens and heroines from all of the games I have played. Check it out here.

Published by Kasanje

I love to travel by boat, bus or plane. I garden and dabble in amateur photography, hunting for deals and special opportunities. I used to manage and maintain the Cryptocurrency FAQ at FatWallet Forums under the handle parkdanil. I am currently active on Reddit @FatwalletRefugee, I own Bliss in Bloom: Influencers, LLC ( Lastly, I study the Korean language in my spare time.

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