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Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Got this one on a 2x special from Adgem and have finished it on 3rd day. All Adgem offers are 30-day time limit unless otherwise noted. It’s a fairly simple game, just tapping through screens.

Hogwarts Mystery

If I had to do it again I would have stayed in the First year longer to farm stat boosts and Friendship levels. In the Second year all of the friends and the lessons wanted high level stats to get good rewards.

The Events especially had high standards to get ahead. I spent much of my time after finishing the offer just boosting my stats to advance the storyline.

Leveling up the Magical Creatures is good. The Niffler can give you 40 points in a stat at max level when you feed it. Hagrid’s quest to get a Fairy is really just to get you to buy Gems in the shop. Even half way through chapter 2 I haven’t managed to collect enough books.

I would have liked to play as House Slitherin actually. I chose the blue one; raven something? Anyways I ended up getting my Empathy stat way too high. Courage is more useful in early game encounters. Knowledge is good in the Second chapter but Empathy you get for cheap from impressing the professors.

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