Board Kings

I completed Board Kings on a Revenue Universe triple points special for 2400 SB. Requirements were to reach level 11 within 7 days.

Board King’s

The tutorial was straightforward and there really wasn’t any learning curve involved. You roll the dice and your little game piece moves around the board like in Monopoly.

There are properties you need to upgrade in order to level up and move to a new board. You can get extra rolls and gems by adding up to 30 people to your friends list.

You can ride the Train to other towns to raid the piggy bank or rob houses. But the same can happen to you. I had a few early raids after adding people to my friends list and decided to cull the list down to 1 or 2 high level players.

You can still be raided randomly but won’t be as at risk by having a small friend list. It is good to upgrade the expensive buildings first and spend down your money before logging out for the day.

It took me 3 days to finish the game and the points posted to my Swagbucks account right away. I bought an Amazon GC with it.

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