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State of Survival

I got this one done on an AdGem 2x for $56. Reach level 21 in 20 days. There are tons of guides floating around and redemption codes so I won’t bother with a walkthrough this time. I did buy the starter pack for a dollar but I found I didn’t really need it. Though I did put Lucky and the other ladies up on the Game Girls Gallery.

Make sure you get into an active Alliance. You can get hundreds of chests each day with speedup items that will really help you complete the daily events. I didn’t have any problems with resources and really didn’t need to train a large army. In fact gathering resource’s was largely unnecessary outside of Events.

During my playthrough a Seasonal Event hit and there were many extra bonuses available that made this offer easy. If possible you should time your start of the offer to coincide with a holiday. You can check the State of Survival social media sites to see what events are upcoming and schedule your start accordingly.

The game had many spammers in the chat, likely bots given the frequency. PVP was nonexistent so I never put up a shield and the offer paid out at level 20. Cakewalk.

Get Lucky Rewards Pack
Game kept disconnecting

This was the first time I’ve had a smartphone game recognize my use of Korean and cater to that. Quite pleasing. 감사합니다

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I love to travel by boat, bus or plane. I garden and dabble in amateur photography, hunting for deals and special opportunities. I used to manage and maintain the Cryptocurrency FAQ at FatWallet Forums under the handle parkdanil. I am currently active on Reddit @FatwalletRefugee, I own Bliss in Bloom: Influencers, LLC ( Lastly, I study the Korean language in my spare time.

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