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Rise of Kingdoms

This offer took 14 days to complete. I had Google Play credits from doing Google Opinions surveys. I used a dollar to get the special starter Japanese hero (Sanada Yukimura) and some boosts. I’m actually watching a show about Sanada Yukimura currently so this is kind of cool.

The tutorial get you through basic movement around the map and construction of your city center. Make sure you join an active alliance and preferably one that is not combat focused. Those Help requests will really do you good on the construction timers. For starting Nation you should take France and then later on switch to China.

Things went well till maybe the 10th day when this fool leading our alliance decided to attack the biggest alliance on the map. I had seen them destroy another team earlier from a public posting. They had over 3 million troops split among 6 alliances.

Anyways he woke the sleeping beast and we got overrun. I teleported away and quit the group; went solo to finish my mission.

In other news, I did some debit card deals with Varo and Aspiration and that got me up to Amethyst rank at Swagbucks. So I’ve made over $100 in points to date.

Published by Kasanje

I love to travel by boat, bus or plane. I garden and dabble in amateur photography, hunting for deals and special opportunities. I used to manage and maintain the Cryptocurrency FAQ at FatWallet Forums under the handle parkdanil. I am currently active on Reddit @FatwalletRefugee, I own Bliss in Bloom: Influencers, LLC ( Lastly, I study the Korean language in my spare time.

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