Update: When I wrote this my employer had said there was a lockdown. Which there is not currently.

I just received an official looking document to carry stating that I am an essential person doing something important. Basically I am allowed to go to work. I am allowed to leave my house.

I live in North Carolina currently and the governor has issue a lockdown due to Corona-chan.

I was hoping to get paid to stay home so that I could grind a bit more on the Hardcore server. Yesterday I only managed to get 40 favor. I ran Tempest Spine and the two Dragonborn quests.

Ananzi is up to level 15 and I expect to farm Sharn on normal to get my Esoteric set items. That should give me an edge when I work on the 11’s and 12’s.

Brioche is still level 9, I am focusing on the Favor reward before trying to hit 10 reaper points just in case I die again.

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