Kasanje Technologies

Private Investment Company

Kasanje Technologies was founded in 2013 as a Cryptocurrency mining firm focused on Litecoin. We have since shifted to a more stable business model. As of December, 2020 Kasanje Technologies operates as a private investment company.

Our mission is to achieve moderate growth by investing in new technologies and stable asset classes. Our revenue streams come from both dividends and interest earned on portfolio holdings in sectors such as: Oil, Precious Metals, REIT and Bitcoin.


Q1 Report 2021

Portfolio assets sorted by % of total held.
  • Energy (Oil) 87%
  • Precious Metals 4%
  • REIT 1%
  • Bitcoin 7%
  • Other 1%

We also keep simulated indices set to different themes for hobby investing. All simulated indices for entertainment purposes only. Not financial advice.

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